Professor Farida Safiyeva presents her book “Following One Life’s Track”

Presentation of the book “Following One Life’s Track” by Professor of the State Culture and Art University of Azerbaijan Farida Safiyeva took place at the Maksud Ibrahimbeyov Creativity Centre.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the event.

The book is about the life and creativity of Academician Heydar Huseynov, the founder of the Soviet Azerbaijan’s history of philosophy, one of the first vice-presidents of the Academy of Science of the Azerbaijan SSR.

Head of the Sociology Department of the Baku State University, professor, doctor of philosophy, scientific editor of the book Izzat Rustamov, doctor of philosophy, head of the Kaspi Press and Education Centre Sona Veliyeva and other speakers noted that a lot of information, unknown to the public to date, is contained in the book, written on the basis of archival documents and recollections of the academician’s co-workers, students, and family members.

It was mentioned that events and reasons that have led the life of the scholar, who has had made significant contribution to the development of the Azerbaijani science in the 1950s, to the tragic end, are disclosed in the publication for the first time.

The book contains also the biography of Heydar Huseynov, list of the documents in his personal archive, their photos, and the family photo-album.