First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice-president of the Foundation Leyla Aliyeva visited a children’s home in Ganja.

According to the information given, one more building is currently being constructed for the children’s home in Ganja. It was noted that construction works started in December last year. Provision has been made here for two sleeping rooms, a winter sports hall, labour and rest rooms, a canteen, and a laundry.

Mehriban Aliyeva became familiarized with the facilities provided in the children’s home, met with low-age inhabitants of the institution. She had a sincere conversation with the little, and inquired about their life and education in the children’s home.

Children, having got together around Mehriban Aliyeva, shared their wishes and dreams with her, talking about the books they have read, games they have been showing interest, and entertainment they loved.

Listening to children with great interest, Mehriban Aliyeva recommended them to study well, and, underscoring the importance of being attentive to their education in order to become knowledgeable and skilful, said:

- Thank you very much, children. Thank you for greeting me with such a beautiful dance. You are dancing very well.

Director of the children’s home Nazila Ismayilova: Thank you, Mehriban khanum. We thank you on behalf of children. We have always felt the love of your warm heart. These children visited Moscow in 2017 for 10 days, following your initiative, and had a good time and found new friends. We thank you. May God save You, our Esteemed President, and your family. Our prayers are always with You.

Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you very much. I want to convey my love for our beautiful children. Be sure that you are the future of our country, you are very dear to me. Your primary duty is now to study well, and become a knowledgeable and skilful citizens, as you are going to ensure Azerbaijan’s future. I will always be at your side.

Nazila Ismayilova: Insha Allah. Thank you very much, Mehriban khanum. Thank you.

This institution has been operating since 1997, and in 2012, it was basically repaired at the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s initiative, and its illumination, gas and water lines were renewed, and a centralized heating system was installed here. The two-storied building accommodates four sleeping rooms, psychologist and physician’s, computer, labour and rest rooms, a kitchen, a canteen, and a big sports hall. In general, 68 children are being educated in this children’s home designed for 80, out of them, 40 being boys, and 28 girls. 14 of them are low-age, others schoolchildren. A staff of 50 people is engaged in the education of the children. Amusement facilities have been installed in the yard to ensure that children spent their leisure efficiently, and greenery areas laid out on the territory.

At the end, they were photographed.