Presentation of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” takes place


Presentation of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” takes place

Presentation of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” takes place

Presentation of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” of IDEA Public Association, produced in the framework of a special project comprised of documentaries about national parks, took place at the Baku Congress Centre, April 17.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva attended the event.

Before the presentation of the film, the attendees became familiar with an exhibition containing photos shot by Igor Byshnyov, the director of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains”, during the shooting of the film.

Then, shots from a new film about the newly created Gyzylaghaj National Park - of which shooting is still going on - were shown.

Speaking at the event, Igor Byshnyov thanked initiator of the project “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” Leyla Aliyeva, sharing his impressions of the shooting process, which has continued for six years.

Igor Byshnyov underscored the advantageous potential for the advancement of tourism in Azerbaijan.

The film talks about the purpose of creating the Shahdagh National Park - the biggest national park in the South Caucasus, the fauna types inhabiting this area, 108 out of which have been entered on the Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other endemic and endangered species and trans-border migrating animals, various flora types characteristic of the area, the landscape of Shahdagh, amazing human by its grandeur and resemblance of a stately fortress, and the mountain forests existing on the territory that are of global significance.

In the framework of the said project by IDEA, the documentary “The Shirvan National Park” was presented to the public in 2014, with the documentaries “Paradise of Bird – the Aghgol National Park” and “The Goygol National Park” being shown in 2015, “Azerbaijan. Rescuing Gazelles” in 2017, and the documentary “Absheron National Park” in the past year. Within the framework of the project, production of documentaries about all national parks of the country is expected.

Following the initiative of IDEA Public Association, the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains” will be shown at higher schools of the country, as well as at Resource centres of IDEA in Baku and Ganja cities. In addition, demonstration of the documentary “Shahdagh. The Shah of Mountains» is expected to take place in other countries, and in the framework of various international events.

The primary objective of IDEA’s production of documentaries about national parks is to popularize Azerbaijan’s mysterious natural beauties both within the country and abroad, and bring to attention the importance of protecting the environment.