First inclusiveness hackathon is arranged in Azerbaijan

An inclusiveness hackathon was arranged in Azerbaijan, for the first time.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva too attended the ceremony arranged by the United Nation’s Development Programme, June 28th.

The inclusiveness hackathon means bringing together people who could propose ideas and ways of solutions from an open source. As ways of solution is understood various innovative services such as application programmes, web-sites, and electronic products.

Resident representative of the UN’s Development Programme in Azerbaijan Alessandro Fracassetti said Leyla Aliyeva was the first messenger of inclusive ideas, always supporting such projects. Saying “Let us see inclusiveness as a uniting factor”, - Alessandro Fracassetti recommended to approach technologies as a solution option of our time, calling the contest as “inclusiveness championship”.

Then, Leyla Aliyeva pushed the button signifying the start of the contest, and the contest was launched. Comprised of sixteen teams, the hackathon participants will work, in the course of 48 ours, with trainers’ group in order to turn their ideas into practical prototypes. The trainers will support the participating groups and help to work out the best possible solution methods. At the end of the three-day intensive programme, full of exciting training modules and hard work, the jury comprised of national and international experts specialized in innovations, inclusiveness and technology will view models prepared by individual groups, and give conclusive opinion on the winning idea. The winning idea will receive a money award in the amount of 5 thousand Manats, and application of the idea will be completed in the course of three months.