World-renowned singer Muslim Magomayev is remembered

On August 17, on the 77th anniversary of world-renowned singer, People’s Artist of the USSR and Azerbaijan Muslim Magomayev, officials of the Culture Ministry, famous cultural and art figures of the republic visited the unforgettable singer’s grave at the Alley of Honour.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva participated in the event.

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony, chairperson of the Azerbaijan Composers Union, People’s Artist Firangiz Alizadeh talked about the rich creativity of eminent singer, renowned vocalist Muslim Magomayev.

Speaking at the ceremony, the singer’s wife Tamara Sinyavskaya said that profound respect has been shown towards Muslim Magomayev’s memory in Azerbaijan, and that he has been remembered with love.

Leyla Aliyeva noted that as years pass by, Muslim Magomayev is remembered and his creativity appreciated better. “He had been extremely benevolent human being, great personality, with kind heart, and generous. Even one doesn’t want to talk about him in the past tense, as if he is still alive. He is always with us” – said Leyla Aliyeva.

Adviser to the Russia Embassy in Azerbaijan Sergey Stepanov said that although Muslim Magomayev has passed away, his breath is still felt. A great army of singers is following his path. But, it is very difficult to achieve his level.

People’s Artist, movie director Eldar Guliyev talked about the singer’s life and creativity.