Participants walk a red carpet on the third day Jara-2019 Festival

On the third day of Jara-2019 International Music Festival, arranged in Sea Breeze Resort recreation centre in Baku, July 27, participants walked a red carpet.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva was among the honorary guests of the Festival.

Answering the question of the host “Hits of the 1990s will be performed today. Do you you’re your favourite song ?”, Leyla Aliyeva said:

- I very much liked the group “Ivanushki International”. Now too, I enjoy listening to them.

- What songs of the group do you love ?

- Generally, music doesn’t know time. As in the song “Kolechko, kolechko, koltso”. The most favourite song never becomes old. Therefore, it is very good that you did it today.

- Leyla khanum, two days of Jara Festival are left behind. What feelings and impressions do you have? What do you think changes in this Festival from year-to-year?

- In general, the world changes for the better. As more people understands that we live for love and kindness. I am happy Azerbaijan has become such a place in the world. I wish all the world to be like this. I thank all the artists.

People’s Artist Emin Aghalarov said hit of the 1990s to be performed today will be welcomed with great interest by the audience.

Walking the red carpet, famous participants shared their impressions of Jara-2019, noting that performances at the Festival created a true festive mood. They also talked about their preparation for the festival with great interest.