A collection of poems entitled “You are like a fire” by Leyla Aliyeva is printed in Ankara

A collection of poems entitled “You are like a fire” by Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, was printed in Ankara. Prepared for publishing in the framework of the project being implemented under the slogan “Let’s popularize the Azerbaijani literature!” under the guidance of Sona Aliyeva, the founder of “Kaspi” Education Company, a doctor of philosophy for philology, a writer-columnist, the book was printed by the Eurasian Writers Union.

The collection of poems “You are like a fire” is among the distinguished publications of “The Azerbaijani Literature” presented to readers by influential “BENGÜ” broadcasting brand of Turkey. Published under the direction of chairperson of the Eurasian Writers Union Yagub Omaroghlu, these publications present works by eminent writers and poets of the Turkic world.

To date, the book of poems entitled “The world fades away like a dream...” by Leyla Aliyeva was printed in Azerbaijani in Baku, in Farsi in Tehran, in Uzbek in Tashkent, in English in London, with her book “If the stars lined up in the sky” been published in Russian in Moscow and in Belarussian in Minsk, earning the love of a wide range of readers. Moreover, the poems by the poetess called “Oh God, give me a strength”, “Elegy”, “You are not alone”, “Love and hatred”, “I was blind”, “My poem”, “Folks”, “Don’t go away”, “Baku” etc. were presented to poetry lovers not only within the framework of the above-mentioned books, but also in literary magazines and newspapers printed time and again in various countries.

The editor of the book “You are like a fire” printed in Ankara is head of the Turkish office of “AZERTAC”, doctor of political sciences Sabir Shahtakhty. The poems were translated into the Anatolian Turkish by famous translator and writer Metin Yildirim.

“You are like a fire” is the book where most of Leyla Aliyeva’s poems are collected. Needless to say, the collection of poems by the poetess, presented for the first time to the Turkish public, will draw the attentions of both poetry lovers, as well as composers and readers in the brotherly country.