Leyla Aliyeva holds bilateral meetings in Moscow

On November 22, Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, chairperson of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia Leyla Aliyeva, in the framework of her visit to the Russian Federation, had bilateral meetings with head of the Federal Agency for Works with Youth Alexander Bugayev and the organization “Molodaya Gvardia” (Young Guards) of “Yedinaya Rossia” (United Russia) Party.

Such issues as cooperation between the entities and development of mutual relations, ensuring more close and active participation of the Azerbaijani youth in the public, political and cultural life of this country, as well as their integration into the Russian society were the main topics of the discussions.

At the meetings, discussions were held also on propagation of innovative ideas and initiatives of talented and publicly active youth, business activities of young entrepreneurs, including supporting start-up projects proposed by them, at the same time, ensuring joint participation in forums, exhibitions and other mass events. Proposal was put forward on holding joint events on educating the youth in the spirit of patriotism, advocating for a healthy lifestyle, and augmenting their intellectual potential.

Touching upon the subject of youth employment, the parties held extensive discussions over the actions that may be implemented towards improving of Azerbaijani youth employment in Russia.

Achievements reached in the youth policy both in Azerbaijan and Russia, advancement of exchange of experience in this area and mutual relations were among the topics discussed.