Ceremony of presentation of magazine ‘Baku’ in Saint Petersburg

Ceremony of presentation of new magazine ‘Baku’ in the northern capital of Russia was an important event. Chief editor of the Magazine is Leila Aliyeva, head of the Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the Russian Federation.

Holding presentation of the Magazine, designed for readers in Azerbaijan and outside, in an East-styled restaurant ‘Baku’ in the city center is of symbolic sense. The ceremony brought together heads of diplomatic missions in St Petersburg, famous figures of culture and public, representatives of the city’s business elite and Azerbaijani Diaspora. Speakers in the ceremony addressed congratulations and best wishes to Azerbaijan and chief editor of the Magazine Leila Aliyeva.

Publisher and chief editor of ‘Baku’ magazine Leila Aliyeva informed of concept and goals of the publication: ‘‘Baku’ magazine is designed for wide audience. Via this magazine we have tried to cover all beauties and warmth of our city. Saying Baku we imagine a sunny city with warm climate, its rich culture and ancient history. I think this magazine will strengthen friendly ties between Azerbaijan and Russia, develop the cultural dialog. I hope everyone with pleasure will read this magazine talking of mutual love, history and friendship of nations’. She emphasized this magazine is not political publication, it basically talks about culture, history, interesting persons. ‘Our major objective is to make the Magazine interesting for everyone loving Azerbaijan and wanting more information of that’ L.Aliyeva added. She said ‘Magazine ‘Baku’ is designed not for Azerbaijan only. Azerbaijan is tolerant state, representatives of numerous nations live in this country. This magazine is also for them, also for all other nations and peoples. The next issue of the Magazine will be released on March 15 and I suppose it will be available for everyone wishing to read that. I would like so much ‘Baku’ magazine to be popular in all Russia, and all over CIS in future’.      

Then Leila Aliyeva congratulated Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu on his birthday, presented him flowers.

World-famous Russian singer, People’s Artist of USSR, Laureate of Lenin Prize and USSR State Prize Yelena Obraztsova valued publication of ‘Baku’ magazine as very important event, said she wishes the Magazine to contain materials also on St Petersburg so that residents of Baku could have much more information on this city’s culture. Chairman of the Culture Committee of St Petersburg Administration Nikolay Burov noted the Magazine has a wonderful design and rich contents. Very correct direction has been chosen for public-political, literary and art publication. It includes everything – some ads, lots of historical information, nice photos of popular figures of culture… Publication of the Magazine in Russian language is very important.     

Consul general of Azerbaijan to St Petersburg Gudsi Osmanov thanked the guests for attention to the project of ‘Baku’ magazine and attending the ceremony. ‘This publication will be a kind of bridge between our nations, will promote closer familiarization with our country, its culture and unique features’ he said.

Ambassador Polad Bulbuloglu thanked Saint Petersburg Administration led by Governor of the city Valentina Matvienko for warm reception and support to the humanitarian projects of Representative Office of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia. Expressing gratitude to Leila Aliyeva the Ambassador underlined she has done much for short time to bring cultures of two countries closer. ‘Today we live in different sovereign states but there are friendly ties, mutual respect between our nations, respect to the Russian culture, Russian language that is protected in Azerbaijan as before. Publication of ‘Baku’ magazine in Russian language indicates to these relations. This magazine will do much to bring our nations and cultures closer. This is the guarantor of our alliance. 

Chairman of Azerbaijan national-cultural autonomy in St Petersburg Vagif Memishov stressed visit by Azerbaijani delegation to the city on the bank of Neva River and holding here the ceremony of presentation of magazine ‘Baku’ is huge event strengthening the confidence between our nations.

Deputy chairperson of the Committee for Protection of Historical Monuments Olga Taratynova, consul general of Ukraine Nikolay Rudko, representative of Tatar diaspora Alfiyya Rakhmatulina, CEO of Hotel Yevropa Thomas Noll and others said presentation of magazine ‘Baku’ is of great importance for development of the cultural dialog as a significant event in cultural life of St Petersburg. Magazine ‘Baku’ will be playing the role of bridge between two cities, bring two friendly nations closer. We wish via this magazine the Russians to know Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis to have a lot of information on close friendly ties between their country and St Petersburg, life and culture of this city. 

Copies of magazine ‘Baku’ were presented to the attendees in the ceremony, ‘prize draw’ was held among visit cards for subscription to the Magazine. Director general of Mebel Ispanii Company Eugenie Simonov won the right of free subscription to the Magazine. A quiz on culture and traditions of Azerbaijan was held in the ceremony of presentation, winners were awarded.  

Visitors saw in the lobby works artists Senan Elesgerov and Vladimir Loktev dedicated to Azerbaijan.