A premiere of the play “The Oath” – a joint project by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and “ƏSA” Theatre - takes place

A premiere of the play “The Oath”, staged on the basis of motifs of J.B. Molière ’s work “The Miser” was realized by “ƏSA” Theatre, enjoying the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the premiere of the play, presented at the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre.

Before the start of the premiere, in the theatre’s foyer, Leyla Aliyeva made herself acquainted with a new book – “The Light Penetrating Dark”, comprised of poems written by visually disabled people, jointly prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and the Regional Legal and Economic Enlightenment Public Association. She met with visually disabled people whose poems were published in the said book. Leyla Aliyeva was shown the projects “The Talking Book” and “The Talking Colour”, aiming to provide support for the integration of people with visual dysfunction into the society. She was presented a disk comprised of songs performed by visually disabled people. At the same time, the song “By my heart’s eye”, composed by Nurana Jabbarly to the poem by Leyla Aliyeva, dedicated to visually disabled people, supported by the ministry, was presented by talented singer, visually disabled Narmin Aliyeva. Leyla Aliyeva wished new creative achievements to visually disabled people, and was photographed with them.

The audience showed great interest to the play “The Oath”. 9 out of 14 actors participating in the play “The Oath”, with the production director being Nihad Gulamzadeh, music director Nijat Gulam, director for the stage and dresses Victoria Lerman, are people with disabilities. The spectators watched the work “The Miser” from a completely new angle. The play basically accentuates and criticizes the cases where, Garpagon, the main character of the comedy “The Miser”, gives preference to his profit and personal ambition in the relations with people, rather than his personal qualities and miserliness, which causes disgust. Staged on modern bases, running for an hour, the dramatic comedy “The Oath” makes the audience wait anxiously, and think till the very end of the play.