IDEA Public Association launches the campaign “Share Your Joy”

The charitable campaign “Share Your Joy” on donating used toys was launched by IDEA Public Association in Baku. In the framework of the campaign, special donation boxes will be installed at various places of the city, aiming to deliver the toys that would be collected in them to children in need of special care.  

The first such box to collect toys of donation was, today, commissioned with participation of Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva, at Ganjlik Mall trade centre.

People may put in these boxes any toys that their children had used and now they would like to share them with other children. Installation of such reusable boxes of donation purpose is expected to take place in other appropriate locations of Baku in recent days. Toys collected in the donation boxes will be regularly delivered to children through various charitable organizations, and points of distribution.

Always paying special attention to reducing wastes, reusing and recycling thereof, IDEA Public Association has been holding large-scale promotion actions in this direction, implementing projects on collecting paper and plastic wastes, reused batteries and sending them to recycling points, as well as collecting items of clothing and sending for repeated use.  

As with other products, throwing-out and, as a result, decaying of toys that are in great demand causes damage to the environment. This is associated both with substances and gases that are released as a result of such wastes’ decaying, and also the damage resulting from the production of new products.

IDEA Public Association calls on residents of our city to “share their joy” and, instead of throwing out unused toys that are clean and in good condition, put them in donation boxes installed by İDEA, whereby reach out their helping hands to children in need, at the same time, to contribute to reducing damage to the environment, by giving them “a second life”. People are kindly requested to clean toys before putting them in boxes, and avoid throwing foreign objects and wastes into them.