Autumn tree-planting action is launched in the framework of “Green Marathon”

On November 2, first autumn tree-planting action of the All-republican Greenery-planting Marathon (“Green Marathon”) took place in Baku, with participation of Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva.

300 olive and pine trees were planted, during the tree-planting action, in accordance with the soil and climate conditions of Absheron Peninsula, with participation of volunteers. The action was joined also by representatives of the “Bioparc Geneve” - an organization operating in Switzerland on protection of the wildlife - who were on a visit to Azerbaijan.

Mass tree-planting actions are organized during the spring-autumn planting seasons in various regions of the country in the framework of the campaign ‘Green Marathon”, held with the joint organizational support of IDEA Public Association and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

Last year, 1 million trees were planted across the country in the framework of the campaign “Green Marathon”. Along with planting a greater number of trees, carrying out of other large-scale greenery-planting works are expected.

So, as of this year, works started on creation of green corridors, terrace type planting by laying out groves on territories with complex relief and steep slopes.

Primary objective of the project is to prevent possible threats by increasing areas of greenery, and, promoting planting of trees, to contribute to protection of the environment, including augmentation of the country’s floral biodiversity, and enlightenment on protection of green areas.

Organized on the eve of the 27th Conference of the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change, the mass tree-planting actions are, at the same time, a kind of support to global measures associated with greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Intending to continue their endeavours towards protecting and increasing green areas in our country further, IDEA Public Association, together with its partners, call on the public to actively partake in the combat aiming to protect our planet, and in the actions taken to save the environment.