Inauguration of another yard takes place in the framework of the project “Our Yard” in Baku

On December 27, another yard, renovated in the framework of the project “Our Yard” by IDERA Public Association aiming to improve yards in need of repair, was commissioned in Baku.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva attended the inauguration of the yard, participating in the mass tree-planting action held within the event.

During the event, which coincided with the eve of the New Year Holiday, special festivity was arranged for little inhabitants of the renovated yard, presenting the children holiday gifts. Rich in musical entertainment programmes, the festivity created a nice festive mood in children, favouring them with moments full of joy.  

The renovated yard covers 10 apartment buildings with 3 thousand 145 inhabitants in an 8-hectare area, at 8 November Avenue, and Javanshir and Khalig Alizade streets, Khatai district of Baku.

The primary objective of the project “Our Yard” is to make sure that yards in the capital are ecologically clean and well-organized, to restore green areas, form an environment for a meaningful recreation, and create safe and comfortable conditions for inhabitants.

Provision has been made for easy movement of people with restricted health conditions in the yard and, with a view to creating favourable conditions for the development of children of all age groups, efficiently arranging leisure of the youth and instilling in them interest to engage in sports, and 2 mini football pitches, 2 chess grounds, various sports installations and child grounds were built. In addition, 12 summer houses, numerous benches, litter boxes, bird nests and cat houses were installed.

New illumination poles, surveillance cameras are installed in the yard, considering the inhabitants’ wishes and interests, and facades and entries of the buildings were repaired, asphalt and roof cover renewed, electricity poles rebuilt.

Along with restoring the existing greenery of the yards, 2 thousand 650 trees and bushes of various types were planted, and a strip of greenery was laid out in a 4 thousand square meter area. In addition, “green barriers” were created around the yard by planting ordinary stone convolvuli that can grow densely and efficiently reduce contamination of the air.

Please send any information and recommendation concerning the renovation of yards of general dwelling areas within the framework of the said project to IDEA Public Association.