“Public diplomacy is one of leading instruments in the modern world”

The article of the vice-president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the editor-in-chief of international magazine Baku, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Youth Organization of Russia and the founder of organization IDEA Leyla Aliyeva published in the Rossiyskaya Qazeta narrates about Azerbaijans effective cultural policy abroad and positive results of the public diplomacy realized by Azerbaijan in Russia.

In the article, titled "Azerbaijan - Russia: the effective formula of success. Public diplomacy gives impulse to mutual relations", the author analyzes the basic stages of development of the Russian-Azerbaijan cooperation and the humanitarian policy carried out by Azerbaijan and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

According to the author, in spite of the fact that our generation had to experience decade of radical pains when changed the meanings of the ideals, such as eternal moral universal values as humanism and tolerance, were supported and brought up by that culture representatives of which are proud both Russia and Azerbaijan. "Just on the said platform also is necessary to form common approaches and answers to challenges. As an example it is necessary to mention as well a new perspective format of interaction - the Baku International Humanitarian Forum under patronage of the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan", the author marks.

Further, L. Aliyeva draws attention of readers to the good situation in Azerbaijan, since ancient times known for its atmosphere of high tolerance, stressing that the "location of the Muslim mosque, Orthodox church, Catholic church and the Jewish Synagogue in one street in Baku are evidence and result of this atmosphere".

Analyzing results of political processes in Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva underlines that Azerbaijan is one of the most promptly developing states of the world and all large-scale projects in region are realized with participation of this country. Being the leading state in region on export of energy carriers, Azerbaijan actively advances idea of revival of the Great Silk Way.

Speaking about the humanitarian policy of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva writes that from first days of creation of the Foundation in 2004 its goal was to promote charity.

Since then the Foundations numerous programs directed on protection of mother and child, struggle with Thalassemia, childrens diabetes and other diseases, various actions in childrens homes and houses of veterans are only a small part realized in sphere of support of humanism and maintenance of the bright future to our contemporaries and descendants. On the sidelines of the Foundation, it was restored monument in park of the Versailles Palace in Paris, rendered assistance in reconstruction of the Cathedral of Sacred Maria in Strasbourg. The school damaged by earthquake for girls in Pakistan was built up. Educational institutions in the Netherlands, Romania, Egypt and other countries, including Russia were modernized.

"Being neighbors in region, Azerbaijan and Russia divide also responsibility for preservation of unique biodiversity of the Caucasus that provides necessity of acceptance of concrete measures for the mentioned direction. For the short period of time, the organization of the International Dialogue for Environmental Action (IDEA) with headquarters in capital of Azerbaijan, has managed to reach successes in education of youth and realization of projects in sphere of protection of environment, including the trans-border.

Further, Leyla Aliyeva writes on value of the Internet and social networks in modern life and stresses necessity of creation and support of interstate initiatives which will serve strengthening of mutual trust and understanding, to promote intellectual and scientific exchange between scientific elite and youth of both countries.

"Considering close relations between the youth organizations of Azerbaijan and Russia, the tendency which lately we observe, allows to say confidently that these relations will remain as the relations of two very close, friendly peoples. It is possible to consider that in some years, we can fix much deeper level of economic, investment interaction, deeper level of cooperation in all spheres that allows to speak about the future development of the Azerbaijani-Russian mutual relations", Leyla Aliyeva emphasizes.