Leyla Aliyeva: “Completing our policy for bolstering the Azeri diaspora is one of Azerbaijan’s top priorities”

The Forum of the Azeri Youth Union of Ukraine is well-known as one of the most high-profile events of the Azeri diaspora – as stated in a message sent to the participants of the Third Forum of the Azeri Youth Union of Ukraine by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice-Chair of Heydar Aliyev Foundation & President of the Azeri Youth Organisation of Russia (AYOR).

Leyla Aliyeva congratulated the Forum participants on the work they’ve achieved since beginning. “The Forum has been acclaimed as one of the most important events for the Azeri diaspora. Its agenda traditionally encompasses the most pressing issues for Azeri diaspora organisations, and to realise their enormous potential. Right now, completing our policy for bolstering the Azeri diaspora is one of Azerbaijan’s top priorities. That’s why you can be sure that the Forum’s recommendations will be put to practical ends for diaspora organisations at all levels”, Leyla Aliyeva’s letter confirmed.

It was significant the Forum was held in what would have been the 90th year of Azerbaijan’s legendary leader, Heydar Aliyev, the letter mentioned.

“The mind-set of Azerbaijan’s people is the country’s greatest aseet.  We intend to protect our national and moral values in all areas, and strengthen our customs, traditions and ethical values. We will educate our young people in the ethos of the spiritual and moral values that have endured the test of time. This is the legacy our national leader left for us”, the letter stated.

Leyla Aliyeva mentioned that relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan constitute a strategic partnership in the political sphere, as well as other important areas.

“Our peoples have enjoyed a traditional closeness that’s based on the similarity of the national destinies of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, as well as the similarity of the social, economic and political processes. The democratic and tolerant values of Ukraine’s people, and its beneficial policy towards national and ethnic minorities have made it a country that’s pleasant and safe for Azeris to live and work. Many renowned figures in the fields of science, the arts, and public governance have received their education at Ukraine’s universities, and have consequently absorbed a Ukrainian approach to learning. In exchange Azeris have left their own mark on Ukraine’s history. Many Azeris laid down their own lives in the battle for Ukraine’s freedom from oppression in the years of the Second World War”, Mrs Aliyeva’s letter stated.

Leyla Aliyeva confirmed her confidence in the belief that the work of the Forum participants would bring about a platform that would rally Azeri young people in Ukraine around the national and spiritual values of their historic homeland. This will help to promote Azerbaijan abroad, and improve the level of Azerbaijan-Ukraine relations. This would be a realisation of the youth policies of Azerbaijan’s President, Ilham Aliyev, which are aimed at the development of Azeri youth living abroad.

“Today’s achievement, alongside the implementation of intended future joint plans, confirm that we’ve adopted a correct governmental approach, in which our two countries will benefit by cooperation in bilateral relations across all areas. This will certainly benefit the people of both countries, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Once again I would like to wish the Union of Azeri Youth In Ukraine a productive Forum, and the achievement of its intended goals”, concluded Mrs Aliyeva’s letter.