Leyla Aliyeva watches the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Grand Final

The most expected show in Eurovision Song Contest that has been lasting for already 57 years is Grand Final. 

That was the most interesting and exciting moment in Eurovision 2012, which featured the countries having reached the final from 2 semifinals, top 5 of the Contest and Azerbaijan, the previous year’s winner. For the last 2 weeks, the attention of all Europe focused on Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan – Land of Fires, which left rich impressions on every visitor with its modernity, rapid development and beauty.    

Finally, the Grand Final started on May 26 at 00:00 Baku time. The opening ceremony of the Grand Final once again familiarized Europe with Azerbaijan’s diverse national music. 

The show opened with a lyric music performed in balaban, the ancient music instrument of Azerbaijan. Dressed in white, the symbol of peace, hosts Leyla, Eldar and Nargiz welcomed the viewers in Azerbaijani, English, French and German. 

The show also featured performance by prominent mugham singer of Azerbaijan, People’s Artist Alim Gasymov, “Natig” Rhythm Group and last year`s winner duo Eldar Gasymov and Nigar Jamal with track Running Scared.

Following the opening ceremony, 26 countries – Great Britain, Hungary, Albania, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Island, Cyprus, France, Italy, Estonia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Malta, Macedonia, Ireland, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova competing in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 took the stage of the Baku Crystal Hall.

By the Eurovision Song Contest rules, the jury votes a day before the final and its votes, not disclosed until the final show is over, are combined with televotes in the final.  

The most interesting moments from performances of 26 participants in the final were once again shown in the interval act. And the voting began. 

Famous Azerbaijani singer and songwriter Emin Aghalarov presented an original and a spectacular show involving a 68-man group of back vocalists and dancers at the interval act of the Grand Final, definitely making the audience go crazy on the big night with song Never Enough.

Finally, the voting stopped and votes of the audience and juries were collected. 

Albania joined first the voting at the Baku Crystal Hall. All 42 participating countries were able to vote. The combined scores created the final outcome. Sweden was crowned the winner of this year`s Eurovision Song Contest. Loreen was voted Europe`s favorite, after scoring 372 points with her song Euphoria. Russia ranked second, followed by Serbia. 

Azerbaijan came 4th. Four countries – Ukraine, Malta, Turkey and Lithuania gave maximum of 12 point votes to Azerbaijan, which received 10 from Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria and Israel, and 8 from Cyprus. 

Safura Alizadeh, the representative of Azerbaijan in Eurovision 2010 in Norway announced the results of voting of Azerbaijan that gave 8 points to Malta, 10 to Russia and 12 to Turkey. 

By the Contest rules, the winner performed her Eurovision song twice. The Swedish representative received Crystal Microphone from Eurovision 2011 winners Eldar and Nigar.
The Grand Final culminated with a press conference of the Contest’s winner. Speaking to the press conference, Loreen said Eurovision 2012 was organized on the high level. Highly assessing the Baku Crystal Hall, she mentioned Baku is a magnificent town and Azerbaijanis are hospitable and hot tempered. 

All Eurovision 2012 shows have been broadcast live in 46 countries.