US West Virginia State adopts resolution on Khojaly Massacre

On Wednesday the House of Representatives of the United States Legislature of West Virginia adoped a Resolution connected with the 21st Anniversary of the Khojaly Tragedy.

The document preserves the memory of the victims of this atrocity, noting further that the events which took place in Khojaly were part of the 1988 policy of military aggression and ethnic cleansing by Armenia in the Nagorno-Garabagh Region of Azerbaijan.

The Resolution goes on to note that international non-governmental organisations hold the events of Khojaly to be an atrocious tragedy, which flagrantly breached all normal standards of international law.

In addition to the Resolution taken in West Virginia, similar resolutions have been taken by the governmental administrations of other States of the United States, including Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Maine, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Tennessee.