A photo-exhibition entitled “Justice for Khojaly” was opened in Afula city of Israel

With support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and “STMEGI” International Mountain Jews Charity Foundation, the “Justice for Khojaly” photo-exhibition opened at the Diaspora Centre at the Tel-Aviv University in February by the “Israel-Azerbaijan” (AZIZ) International Association was moved to the city of Afula, north of Israel.

The photo-exhibition was opened on April 11 at the “Beyt Poznak” Cultural Centre reflecting the horrible events of those days. Mayor of the city of Afula Avi Elkabetes, deputy Mayor Boris Yudis, heads of public organizations, representatives of the most different fellow-citizens associations and journalists attended the inauguration of the exhibition.

Opening the event, Director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Centre under “AZIZ” Association Yegane Salman talked of the Daghlyg Garabagh conflict, the horrors of the night from 25th  to 26th February.

Head of the Afula Municipal Council Avi Elkabets said in his speech he was very much saddened by and got angry with the Khojaly tragedy, and thanked “AZIZ” Association for the provision of information and holding the photo-exhibition in his city.

Mayor the Afula city Boris Yudis emphasized the activity of the Azerbaijani fellow-citizens in the city and in Israel as a whole. According to him, “AZIZ” Association is one of the most influential and active public organizations.

Speech by resident of Afula city Tofig Alibayov aroused much interest. He talked of his son, who had been killed by Armenian forces during the Daghlyg Garabagh war.

General Director of the Israel-Azerbaijan Association Lev Spivak thanked all participants of the event. L.Spivak also thanked the Mayor and deputy Mayor of the city of Afula for continuous attention to the Azerbaijani community.

The exhibition will continue until the end of April.