The IDEA Campaign for the Protection of the Environment held an interactive workshop about combating air pollution

The IDEA Campaign for the Protection of the Environment marked the International Day for Protecting the Ozone Layer by organising an interactive worshop called “Ways Of Combating Air Pollution”.

The seminar was attended by around thirty young people, all of whom have special interest in issues of protecting the environment. The speaker at the event wsa Mrs Matanat Avazova – Deputy Director of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. She reported that energy use has been increasing in recent years, leading to a corresponding increase in the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – a rise likely to continue in the future. This scenario is likely to pose serious problems for our planet in future.

The seminar went on to discuss the causes of air pollution, suggesting that damage to the ozone layer would inevitably be harmful to human life. The expert considered the opinions of the attendees, and gave her answers to their questions. Mrs Matanat Avazova appealed to the young attendees to be more attentive to this kind of problem.