Leyla Aliyeva attended an exhibition of "YARAT!" Contemporary Art Space

The YARAT Contemporary Art Organization has presented its project “Zavod”. Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva viewed the exhibition.

Head of the YARAT Contemporary Art Organization Aida Mahmudova provided an insight into the project, saying the it resulted in restoration of operation of the Baku Domestic Air Conditioners Plant, which has not been operating for several years. Mahmudova said: “Today, the YARAT Contemporary Art Organization marks its 2nd anniversary. I express my gratitude to supporters, young painters and all participants of the event for their support.”

Painter, curator Faig Ahmad stressed the importance of the exhibition.
“Zavod” is a catchy name for a new project that represents an attempt to exploit non-traditional and alternative spaces by YARAT Contemporary Art Organization.
The project featuring works by 29 emerging Azerbaijani artists took place at the long abandoned air conditioner factory.

YARAT is a non-commercial organization that has previously used experimental and alternative spaces for its cultural activities (ex. a dockyard, a platform in front of the central bus station. or a building under construction in the so called Ganjlik area).

The air conditioners that were produced at this once famous Factory back in the Soviet times helped to cool and freshen up the air virutally in every apartment in Azerbaijan and the neighboring Republics.

Unfortunately, the dismantlement of Soviet Union also put production to a halt. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the artists those empty production facilities, workshops and plants will be reanimated. They will be given new colors and dynamics as the memory of the glorious past is revived.

The Factory was revamped by a team of young artists that included Anar Shamsiyev, Ruslan Agazade, Arif Amirov, Arzuman Mirzasoy, Aydan Mirzayeva, Ayna Musayeva, Butunay Hagverdiyev, Chingiz Mehtiyev, Elturan Mammadov, Elvin Nabizade, Emin Azizbayli, Fakhri Gurbanli, Farida Rajabova, Farkhad Farzaliyev, Fidan Abdullazade, Günel Eva & Zachary Guy-Frank, Habib Saher, Irina Berezina, Lala Gasim, Mekhriban Shamsaddinskaya, Narmin Humbatova and Ali Huseyn Bagirov, Nezrin Mammadova & Diana Haciyeva, Samir Salahov, Sayyara Neymatova, Vusala Abdullayeva and Zamir Suleymanov.

This project was conceived and produced by YARAT Contemporary Art Organisation and curated by an artist Faig Ahmed, who previously represented his country at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice and Islamic Art Festival in Sharjah.

Bank Technique supports the project within the framework of “Artım” program.

The exhibition will end on November 15.