English edition of 'Baku' magazine presented in Moscow


English edition of 'Baku' magazine presented in Moscow

English edition of 'Baku' magazine presented in Moscow

Ceremonial presentation of the launch issue of ‘Baku’ magazine’s English edition ‘Baku International’ was held at ‘Multimedia Art Museum’ in Ostozhenka Street, Moscow. Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Chief Editor of the magazine Mrs Leyla Aliy

The Chief Editor said: ‘The launch issue of the magazine was published in Moscow 4 years ago, in December 2007. Since then, I was dreaming so much to release the international version of the magazine. ‘Baku’ magazine was published in English on October 4 as a result of cooperation with Condé Nast Publishing House. Now, this magazine will be available not in Baku and Moscow only, but also in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York and some other cities.’

‘The launch issue of the magazine is about fire. And this is not by chance, since Azerbaijan is one of the centers of Zoroastrianism and the name of Azerbaijan comes from ‘azer’ meaning fire. Baku is an ancient and very young town. Masterpieces of avant-garde architecture and ancient facades of buildings, theatres, museums built in XIX century during the oil boom harmonically complete each other in Baku. The unique, modern complex Flame Towers rising over the city does not leave the height of Maiden Tower in the shadow. We have tried to reflect all these moments on the pages of our magazine, as well to talk about ancient history, rich culture and charming nature of our country located at the junction of East and West. This version tells about people - famous Azerbaijani artists, writers, composers and ordinary people who have own life story are come together by love for Baku.’, said Leyla Aliyeva.

L.Aliyeva expressed thanks to the team of the Publishing House, photographers and artists, who believed and worked in the project. She said: ‘I am very delighted that this ceremony of presentation takes place in Moscow, the beautiful city where the first issue of ‘Baku’ magazine was published. Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Azerbaijan next year. Taking the opportunity, I invite you all to come to our city, walk down its ancient streets, modern boulevard, feel the smell of Caspian and all the fascination of Baku.’

Condé Nast CEO Albert Reed said he was honored to visit Moscow to mark the launch of ‘Baku’ magazine’s English edition. He said: ‘we work with the best editors, photographers and journalists. Every magazine we publish reflects the best features of the culture it belongs to. Italian magazine Vogue shares with the world an Italian design, while America’s New Yorker with American ideas. We are very glad that ‘Baku’ magazine led by Leyla Aliyeva serves the similar goals linked to Azerbaijan. We are very happy for the launch issue of the international edition of ‘Baku’ magazine. We design this magazine together with Leyla Aliyeva and the quality of the material presented to us astonished us in the good sense of the word.’

Mr Reed stressed Leyla Aliyeva inspired the Condé Nast team to the cooperation in the world of art, design and fashion. ‘We involve the most famous designers in ‘Baku’. It inspires us all. On the pages of the English edition of ‘Baku’ magazine, we are going to give the world as much information on Azerbaijan as possible. I would like to congratulate Leyla Aliyeva for having such a high taste in editorship. And I want to mention that we have honor for publishing this magazine.’, underlined Albert Reed.  

A video on Azerbaijan was shown in the event.

Leyla Aliyeva and attendees saw a photo exhibition dedicated to Baku.

The ceremony ended with a performance by the band of drummers ‘Natig ritm grupu’.

Head of the Administration of Russian President Sergey Naryshkin, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloghlu, Arzu Aliyeva and her spouse, famous composer and singer Emin Agalarov, Executive Director of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Elekberov, well-known political and public figures, Russian state officials, figures of art and representatives of the Azerbaijan diaspora were present in the ceremony.