The poetry of superlative prose...

For many of Azerbaijan's native residents, the date of May 10th marks the 90th Anniversary of the birth of our great politician, statesman and national leader. For her, in many respects, it is first and foremost the birthday of a favourite grandfather.

Heydar Aliyev adored his grandchildren – but his relationship with Leyla was very special. He often said that she had inherited many of the traits of his beloved wife, Zarifa hanum Aliyeva. Leyla, in her turn, always tried to enjoy the best chances for interaction with him during the few opportunities he had for rest and relaxation. She always accompanied him joyfully to the theatre, or to concerts or on trips. She even dedicated poems to him, gave him her pictures, and tried to please him with her successes.

She suffered his departure from life as a deep and irreparable loss, and to this day she finds it hard to accept that he is no longer with us. She often speaks of him, passes evenings in his memory, and still dedicates poems to him. The touching sadness of these poems cannot leave one unmoved. The loss is fully felt, even by those who have not experienced such loss.