“Volgograd Region is broadening its friendly ties with Azerbaijan”

A newspaper article in 'Volgogradskaya Pravda', by Elena Danilina, carries the story “Volgograd Region is broadening its friendly ties with Azerbaijan”.

The article describes how a new park has opened in Volgograd which symbolises friendship between Russia and Azerbaijan. The opening ceremony for this park was attended by Mrs Leyla Aliyeva – the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

The article goes on to mention that during Mrs Aliyeva's visit to Volgograd she was presented with a medal “For Service to the Volgograd Region”.  “The medal commemorates the very great contribution which has been made to social and economic development in the Volgograd Region, and the number of cultural, social and charitable projects which have been held. Mrs Leyla Aliyeva is the first foreign citizen to be presented with an award of such great significance.”

The article gives further details about the opening ceremonies. “This new Volgograd-Baku Friendship Park is a symbol of the level of business ties and friendly cooperation between the cities of Volgograd and Baku. The opening ceremonies went off warmly, despite the frosty weather.  The new recreation facility attracted people of different religious beliefs, along with both young people and members of the senior generation. Mrs Leyla Aliyeva commented that Russia and Azerbaijan are linked by long years of friendship, when making her speech at the opening ceremony.  They are countries who have also gone through many difficult and tragic events together – yet at the same time, there have been many cheerful and happy shared moments.  Mrs Aliyeva noted that Azerbaijani schools have continued their tuition of Russian language unabated, and that Baku has a Russian Dramatic Theatre, a Russian Cultural Centre, the Baku Slavic University, and an Annexe Department of Moscow State University.  The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has been active in promoting social and infrastructure projects intended to further boost the level of friendly relations between the two countries. The series of monuments of Heroes of the Second World War has been particularly well received.

Interviews with Volgograd residents who attended the Opening Ceremony of the new park also featured in the article.

Elsewhere the newspaper also gives coverage to the presentation of a new sports facility at Volgograd's Grammar School No 3. “These sports facilities are one of the donations of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation”.