Baku Magazine Is Five Years Old

“If you have never seen Baku Then what have you truly seen? What?” ( - Robert Rozhdestvensky, Russian poet)

A tempestuous and wild passion – that"s Baku! 

Ancient stone, medieval lanes, cheek-by-jowl with ultra-modern architecture – that"s Baku!

Sun-kissed beaches on the Caspian shores, the delicious taste-combinations of the world"s finest oriental cuisine, the fascinating melody of jazz and the exotic local song of mugam, secret histories and landscape beauties – all this, too, is Baku. It"s a city that"s a legend... a poem... a song.

Exactly five years ago BAKU magazine emerged – as bright, as stylish and as fascinating as its namesake. It`s a magazine which has brought the life and culture of the ancient city on the crossroads of Europe and Asia closer to the hearts of all its readers.

Were celebrating our magazines fifth birthday! Weve sought and found so much in those few years! Five years of insightful stories about our city, and its richest jewel - its people themselves. For five years BAKU magazine has been professing its love for Baku, and sharing that powerful and eternal love with its readers. The readership has grown and grown. All those who read about our city in the pages of BAKU magazine have rushed to watch the Eurovision-2012 ceremonies there, adore the seascape of the Bay of Baku from atop the Maiden Tower, dine out in Bakus Old Town on delicious Azerbaijani cuisine, admire the abilities of local artists, and sink into reveries on the exquisite designs of ancient Azerbaijani carpets.

During these five momentous years BAKU magazine has striven to live up to the ancient city whose name it bears. We want to thank all of you who have come with us during this half-decade and shared this astounding and enriching journey. Baku has still more intriguing and astonishing stories which deserve their place in books, films, and music.

We may be five years old, but we are only just beginning our history. We promise you that the next five years will be even more fascinating, more magical, and more dazzling. We can be sure, because Baku itself is always surprising, ever-changing, yet ever remaining itself. Our magazine is just the same, and always will be.