Leyla Aliyeva initiative discussed at the meeting in Uganda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the OIC

Discussions of the resolution, put forward by the OIC youth forum, started yesterday at the 35th session of the OIC Foreign Ministry in Uganda capital-Campal, said secretary general of the OIC youth forum for dialogue and cooperation Elshad Iskenderov.  

Thus, the said resolution suggests to mark the Day of Victims of Humanitarian tragedies in the OIC countries. Along with ratification of a single commemoration day, the resolution proposes holding a campaign for spreading true information about humanitarian disasters, aggressions and ethnic cleansing to which Muslim people were subjected in the 20th century.

The initiative "Justice of Khojaly: liberation of Karabakh" of Leyla Aliyeva, general coordinator of the OIC Youth Forum for dialogue between civilizations and cultures is proposed as a priority of the campaign in 2009-2010.

The campaign envisions spreading true information in 57 OIC states about occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia and creation of information web-portal for posting image reflections of the campaign thesis.

The campaign envisions raising issue on recognition of the Khojaly tragedy as genocide by the parliamentary associations of leading international organizations. It should be noted that in line with the initiative of the OIC Youth Forum, Khojaly tragedy was given a political assessment at the previous session of the OIC Foreign Ministry, held in Islamabad in May of 2007.

Broad information regarding adoption of the said resolution will be provided to mass media by results of the said session.