IDEA launched the Ecological Laboratory for Children project

A collaboration between the social awareness organisation IDEA (Initiative for Dialogue on Environmental Awareness) and Sevimli bala has launched a joint project for an Ecological Laboratory for Children. The project features a series of events for children aged 5-12, introducing them to environment awareness issues.

The idea behind the project is to develop greater awareness about the environment and the world around us – and for children to make their own contribution to ideas of care for the environment.

To prompt an even greater interest in these 'young ecologists' for safeguarding the environment, and to make this process more engaging for them, the laboratory is going to hold study programs for them, including various intellectual competitions and educative games.

The first event at the Ecological Laboratory for Children will take place on 17th January, and focuses on the problem of glacial melt and its contribution to global warming, rising sea levels, animal migration – and ways that the negative outcomes  of such phenomena for the environment could be avoided.

Those who would like to take part in the activities organised by the Ecological Laboratory for Children, organised at the IDEA Resource Centre and located at the State Administration Academy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan are invited to contact IDEA directly by phone on Baku number 497 6316.