IDEA ran a seminar titled “Ecological issues caused by the oil industry - and ways they can be solved”

A seminar was held over 10th and 11th of February at the Resource Centre of the social awareness organisation IDEA (Initiative for Dialogue on Environmental Action) titled “Ecological issues caused by the oil industry, and ways they can be solved”.

The seminar included both theoretical and practical sessions, and was attended by nearly forty young people who are studying ecology or oil and gas engineering – along with other specialists who are professionally involved in these industries.

A specialist from the State Oil Corporation of the Republic of Azerbaijan told the audience of the theoretical section of the seminar about the ecological problems which the oil and gas industries cause – along with way that these problems could be solved.  The same speaker also gave a run-down on the ecological standards which apply to the gas and oil industries, and the in-depth experience Azerbaijan holds in this sphere, and in international norms.

During the practical session of the forum, participants visited the SOCAR Eco Park, where they found out more about the work of the Detailed Research Laboratory.  The young specialists found out how the specialised equipment at the laboratory is used, what the equipment is intended for and how it operates. They also had a chance to sit in on an analysis and marine and inland water samples, after which they had the chance to put the new practical knowledge they'd gained during the seminar to the test.