Award-winning birdhouses put up in Moscow – IDEA design competition winners

Birdhouses have been put in the Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University, built to an award-winning design that took first place in the IDEA ecological campaign’s international competition.

According to IDEAs press release, the prize for best bird-house design – in the competition announced in May 2012 – was won by a designer from Kyrgyzstan, 26-year-old Tatiana Biryugina. “My professional approach was to design a home for birds – and birds are very choosy about the places they make their homes” said Tatiana.

The birdhouses which won the IDEA design competition will also be put up in spring in parks and residential spaces in Baku, Vilnius, and London.

The IDEA environmental campaign (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) was incepted in July 2011 on the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the Deputy Director of the Heydar Aliev Foundation. The campaign aims to unite young people all over the world in helping to protect our environment.

IDEA initiates many youth projects, including round table discussions, competitions with an ecological theme, along with initiatives such as tree-planting, seminars, and awareness-raising events.