IDEA Public Union conducts trainings for youths together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

IDEA Public Union, together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, conducted trainings for youths, in connection with the World Birds Observation Day, within the autumn census of birds and mammals.

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, by counting each season the migrating birds, studies their types and migration. Volunteers of IDEA Public Union that participate in the census, along with observing the birds’ migration, have made their contribution to the census.

Trainings continued during two days - being comprised of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part took place at the Resource Centre of the State Administration Academy under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the session, representatives from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, WWF’s Azerbaijani Representative Office and ANAS’s Institute of Zoology gave lectures to the youths on such topics as  biological diversity, species entered on the Red Book, and the methodology of conducting census of birds and mammals.

On October 6, the attendees of the trainings gained the chance to test their knowledge in practice. Coming to the Shirvan National Park, the young people participated in practical field works (observation of bird species, conducting census and making up reports). After becoming closely acquainted with the territory, the birds’ counting methodology was explained to the participants.

Similar works were carried out by IDEA Public Union in previous years. Primary objective of these regular censuses is to track the dynamics in birds and mammals’ number. Students and young specialists that participated in the trainings have mastered the knowledge of birds’ population and assessing their impact, as well as conducting observations on their lifestyle, and making up reports on their number.

IDEA has been regularly arranging trainings, workshops, courses, test visits etc. for students studying the environment and sustainable development, specialists working in this sphere, as well as young people that do not remain indifferent in protection of the environment. Announcement on such events are conveyed to the public through IDEA’s online service (  and , [email protected]).