Director of the Wildlife Conservation Unit (WildCru) David McDonald holds a series of meetings in Azerbaijan

Following the invitation of IDEA Public Union’s founder and head Leyla Aliyeva, director of the Wildlife Conservation Unit (WildCru) - operating under the Oxford University’s Zoology Department, world-renowned specialist on protection of biodiversity, professor David McDonald was on a trip in Azerbaijan during 19-22 October.

Within the framework of the visit, professor McDonald held meetings with IDEA Public Union and the Azerbaijani Office of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), and discussions were held during the meeting over the activity of both the organizations.

D. McDonald also met with Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Huseyngulu Baghyrov and became closely acquainted with the state policy pursued in the country in connection with protection of environment.

On October 19, D. McDonald gave an extensive lecture at ADA University on protection of biodiversity. He touched upon biodiversity and their protection, works carried out in this sphere, as well as challenges associated with protecting biological diversity, and gave information about the activity of the Wildlife Conservation Unit he is the head of, especially the projects he has implemented in different countries of the world.

The extensive lecture was attended by over 100 IDEA volunteers studying such fields as environment and sustainable development, and students of ADA University. The lecture was met with much interest and served to deepening of their knowledge. Interactive discussions were held with the attendees at the end of the presentation.

Founded by professor D. McDonald in 1986, WildCru is regarded as the biggest institute of the world, specialized in protection of environment. Primary objective of WildCru is to remove loopholes observed in protection of biodiversity, by bridging scientific theory with practical actions. At the moment, some 50 scientific workers of the organization are heading projects being implemented all over the world in protection of fauna species.