Russian Office of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation partakes in the action “A Sunny Day” following Leyla Aliyeva’s initiative

Russian Office of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation took part in the action “A Sunny Day”, following the initiative of the Foundation’s Vice-president Leyla Aliyeva.

“A Sunny Day” action is a festivity for children that were treated at the Child Oncology and Haematology Research Institute named after N.N.Blokhin and overcame a rather serious oncological disease. Some 200 children and 70 physicians attended the event.

Director of the Child Oncology and Haematology Research Institute, academician Mamadbaghyr Aliyev announced the festivity open and noted that over 2000 children, including those from Azerbaijan, receive treatment at the centre each year. According to M.Aliyev, 80 percent of children with malignant tumour recover. He thanked the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Russian International Programmes Administration. M.Aliyev said: “Such events help psychological rehabilitation of patients receiving treatment. What is most important is to support them in the course of treatment”.

Director of the International Programmes Administration Tatyana Shumova emphasized that the basic idea of “A Sunny Day” festivity is to bestow upon patients being in the process of treatment a confidence in recovery and hope for its being a curable disease, rather than a death sentence.

She said: ”Children with former oncological diseases grow up, normally develop, receive education and make their parents happy”. T.Shumova thanked also the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s Russian Office - Leyla Aliyeva being at the head - for the participation in this charitable action.

This year, “A Sunny Day” festivity took place at the Moscow Puppets Theatre. Children were entertained by joyful clowns – students of the M.N.Rumyantsev (Karandash) State Circus and Variety Art School.

A premiere of a show based on “Tinderbox” fairy-tale by N.K.Andersen was the main present.

At the end, organizers of the event entertained the participants to Eastern sweets, and gave them keepsakes.