J.Golubitskaya: there is not only friendship and understanding between our countries, but also cooperation

Correspondent of Russia’s “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” newspaper Janna Golubitskaya attended the 6th Forum of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR), and shares her impressions.

She said: “As it has always been, Azerbaijani side distinguished themselves for their organizational precision and hospitality: all events within the 6th Forum of AYOR were arranged in detail. Everything was thought in such a way that representatives of the Forum could find time to rest between the sittings of thematic sections; after all, participants of big youth assemblies came from all regions of Russia, as well as from Azerbaijan”.

As is well-known, on the same day as the Forum took place, a passenger plane crashed in Egypt and Russian citizens died.

Although the next day was announced a mourning day, the AYOR chairperson took a decision to cancel the concert for Forum participants.

Janna Golubitskaya specially thanked Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, chairperson of AYOR Leyla Aliyeva. She said: “Grief of the brotherly nation was natural. A person with eyes, ears and heart can always distinguish between a hollow declaration and true empathy. There, I saw Azerbaijanis’ eyes water. My eyes watered at an evening dedicated to Khojaly victims. After all, we all are living beings! If we start rejoicing at each-other’s grief, then this small Earth planet would be destroyed.”

Nonetheless, the Forum completed all its announced sittings as they had been planned. Janna Golubitskaya has also actively participated in the works of sections, and in her speeches, saying that Azerbaijan had very good possibilities for tourism, and expressing her surprise and regret at the fact that it was not known in Russia, she shared a number of her impressions of her several trips to Baku and some regions of Azerbaijan. J.Golubitskaya believes that in the current economic and political situation, for example, the Shahdagh mountain ski resort may be a real alternative to extremely expensive Alp and Pyrenees. “Exemplary conditions have been created here for winter recreation. In addition, Azerbaijan means also Caspian beaches, “Naftalan” healing oil, as well as samples of gastronomic, “enogastronomic” or ecological tourism”, - said she.

J.Golubitskaya thinks that “Of course Azerbaijan’s tourism products are among the offers of tourism operators of Russia, but mostly in the general list, without active policy on progress. Today, an action group of travel correspondents and tourism experts is established in Russia. This group is familiarised with Azerbaijan’s potential and ready to replenish the information shortage”.

J.Golubitskaya thanked all participants of AYOR’s Forum and, personally, Leyla Aliyeva for the beautiful organization of the Forum.

Right after her speech at the Forum’s session, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan showed interest towards the proposals voiced in the session, and asked to send thesis of the proposals in order to deliver personally to minister Abulfas Garayev.

In conclusion, Janna Golubitskaya said: “It is very pleasing that there is not only friendship and understanding between our countries, but also cooperation.”