Leyla Aliyeva: “Thanks to Baku Magazine, we become closer”

The 50th – jubilee- edition of the international magazine Baku is printed out. Chief editor Leyla Aliyeva wrote in the magazine’s jubilee edition: “It’s been not a long time since the first edition of the magazine was printed out, and now we are printing the 50th edition. Each of these fifty editions had its own subjects, own heroes and , of course, own destiny. Together or individually, all of them correspond to their names. Actually, each edition of the magazine - from the editor’s column to secular chronicles - expresses the spirit of Baku”.

Each edition of the magazine is an acknowledgement of love for the beautiful city of Baku. In this city, “unique beauty, cheerfulness and optimism of its residents is sensed. Regardless of what place of the world you are, what the weather condition is, Baku Magazine will always bestow upon you a sunlight and warmth, and will talk about something new, will awake your interest and, sometimes, entertain you.”

According to Leyla Aliyeva, ”as the number of visitors of Baku grows, the number of readers grows and vice-versa: anyone who reads our magazine starts, sooner or later, to look for a chance to walk around the city - at least for a short time - and finds such a chance. However, a few days would suffice to be amazed at Baku and continue meetings with it on the pages of our magazine.”

All these have been achieved by great efforts of the magazine’s professional creative team and, of course, our readers. The chief editor of the magazine states: “This is our common achievement. Everyone who has been to Baku emphasizes the Russian-language environment. Obviously, as one cannot help falling in love with Baku residents’ Russian language speaking, the same Russian-language environment cannot be created by any decrees or orders. First of all, because this language is the live and dynamic means of intercourse for the people who have endless love for it. Demand for the Russian culture in Baku is, perhaps, defined by this.”

By each edition of the magazine, readers know Azerbaijan better, travel to this country, prepare dishes based on recipes offered by it, comprehends Azerbaijan’s history, and get familiarized with talented Baku people living around the world.

At the end, Leyla Aliyeva writes: “What I love in our magazine the most is that all interesting genres are covered in this publication. Thanks to Baku Magazine, we become closer. Apparently, this is the most correct way leading to the environment of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect, and one cannot imagine himself the future without them.”