Presentation of the Baku Corner concept takes place

Aiming at charity, a fair trade concept called Baku Corner was founded for the first time in our country, following the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Union. Baku Corner, a new project, (, is given for the public’s use since November 13.

The essence of the concept is to create a platform where traditional handicrafts made by local and foreign artisans could be sold, and deliver these examples of art to a broad community. Baku-Corner is a project, which will help people get their creativity assessed both from aesthetic and material standpoints. Artisans, by having access to the customers market through Baku Corner’s website, will have a chance to benefit from their works.

Baku Corner acts in the capacity of a united space where products representing different cultures and nations get together. Products to be displayed here will please customers by their high quality and matchless appearance. Every handicraft on Baku Corner is distinguished for its look and history.

Various products made by talented Azerbaijani artisans, especially colourful kelaghayis are demonstrated here. Baku Corner plays a special role also in revealing talents and skills of juveniles that found shelter in children homes and boarding schools. Beautiful paintings made by a group of young people have also their place on the website.

One can see on Baku Corner many fascinating products, from traditional scarfs woven in India to head covers made from local silk in Cambodia, from bracelets and necklaces, beautiful handicrafts of women living in Colombia and Guatemala to bags decorated with patterns that indigenous people of Australia have used.

At the same time, in order to support the work on human well-being’s improvement, Leyla Aliyeva presented her art works to the project.

Baku Corner invites talented artisans to participate in the project and publicly demonstrate their skills through the platform.

A place for artisans and those who can appreciate their works, Baku Corner may be contacted by the following means:




Phone: +99412-4971939.