International Global Village Cultural Youth Festival takes place at the Diplomatic Academy under Russia’s Foreign Ministry

International Global Village Cultural Youth Festival took place at the Diplomatic Academy under Russia’s Foreign Ministry. Representatives of the academy’s Azerbaijani club took active part in the event, supported by the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR) and the Russian Office of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

Representatives of various nations studying at the Academy, including those from Azerbaijan, Russia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia and other countries got together to talk about their countries, and entertain each-other to delicious dishes of their national cuisine.

Adviser to the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia Vugar Imamaliyev addressed the opening of the Festival. Greeting professors and students of the Academy, he noted that Azerbaijan is distinguished for its national and religious tolerance. The diplomat said: “The people of Azerbaijan has rich statehood, multiculturalism and tolerance traditions. Representatives of different religions and nations are peacefully living in our country”. Touching upon the tense international situation in the world, he noted that by only getting united, we can withstand the calls and threats of the time.

Emin Hajiyev, a member of AYOR’s board, conveying the greetings of AYOR’s chairperson to the attendees of the event, noted that there were many talented young Azerbaijanis studying at leading higher schools of Russia. They take active part in various international projects of AYOR.

Students of the Diplomatic Academy and activists of the Azerbaijani Club – Farah Najafzadeh, Tamara Mammadova, Loghman Mammadov, sisters Laman, Aydan and Dunya Dadashovas, Emin Rahimov, Ramil Ismayilov, Tarlan Hasanov, Elshan Bannayev etc. - gave information about Azerbaijani people’s history, culture and traditions. Guests tasted delicious dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine. On a stand devoted to our country, souvenirs, national garments, household items, and video and photo materials were demonstrated.

Members of AYOR’s supervision and audit committee – Ibrahim Ibrahimov, Ruslan Eyvazov, Ramin Rajabov and other activists participated in the event.

A nice piece of music was presented to the guests of the evening, performed by member of the “Azerbaijan” Ensemble Samira Bayramova. She dance to Azerbaijani popular song “Sary Gelin”.