The book “ Khojaly Witness of a War Crime. Armenia in the Dock” is printed in French

The book “Khojaly Witness of a War Crime. Armenia in the Dock” was printed in French by “TEAS Press” Print House. The book was first printed in 2014 in English at “ITHACA PRESS” Print House of London (compilers: Ian  Peart, Fiona McLachlan) and in 2015, it was printed in Russian at “Vestnik” Print House of Saint Petersburg. Leyla Aliyeva, the initiator of the international agitation campaign “Justice for Khojaly”, the vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, wrote a foreword to the book.

Printed within the framework of the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”, the book is the first book printed in the West in English, in which Khojaly events that occurred on 26 February 1992 are documented based on first sources. This publication is the first collection of testimonies recorded by Western authors during interviews with people who could escape the Khojaly genocide. 

The book contains articles printed in the Western and Russian media about the Khojaly events, as well as researches.  In this edition, reports by international human rights organizations (Memorial and Human Rights Watch/Helsinki)  about the Khojaly genocide have been given in full.   

Rare photos shot by foreign photo correspondents  (Viktoriya Ivleva, Frederique Lengaigne, David Brauchli, Klaus Reisinger, Lin Heng Shing and George de Kerl) have their special place in the book.

Materials and photos included in the publication from the international media  (The Washington Post, Le Monde, The Times, Труд, Комсомольская правда etc.) have been obtained by the European Azerbaijani Association, and were printed for the first time. 

The book “Khojaly Witness of a War Crime – Armenia in the Dock” is a report reflecting  the true situation related to the Khojaly genocide and one of the rarest publications comprehensively informing the international society of this tragedy.