“Warm Days” International Music Festival starts at “Sea Breeze” Recreation Centre

On July 9, the “Warm Days” International Music Festival started at “Sea Breeze” Recreation Centre, on the Caspian Sea shore.

The festival started with famous artists’ passing on a red carpet. Answering questions of hosts Slava Nikitin and Yulia Lisenko, participants of the Festival shared their impressions of the Baku trip, talked about the hospitality of the city residents, their resting on the Caspian shore, the programme they were going to present, and said they were very pleased with their coming to Azerbaijan.

Among the honourable guests of the Festival, Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, answering the question “What place in Baku is worth visiting first”, said: “I would recommend visiting all places and become familiarized with hospitable and sincere people”.

After the passing on a red carpet was over, “Jara” International Music Festival was launched. Murad Dadashov invited Yana Churikova and Andrei Malakhov onto the scene, and the Festival started with a performance of “Rast” Group.

To continue two days, the Festival amazes the onlookers with the number of famous artists. Philip Kirkorov, Polina Gagarina, Stas Mikhaylov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Ani Lorak, Emin, Loboda, Grigori Leps, Alexander Revva, Leonid Agutin, Vlad Sokolovski, Anna Sedokova, Denis Klyave, Artik and Asti, Anita Tsoy, Tomas Nevergreen, “Sukhiye” Group, Slava, Sati Kazanova, “Arsenium”, Mitya Fomin, Katya Lel, Diana D., A-DESSA, Bahhtee, The Jiggits, Zulfiyya Kahnbabayeva, Polad Bulbuloghlu will perform on the scene.

During two days, magnificent performances of Russia’s best artists, splendid red path, and numerous interviews are waiting for the guests of the Festival. Best producers have prepared the event. The Festival “Warm Days” has been planned so that performers will walk both on the scene and in the hall. Thus, guests will be involved in an interactive process and TV version.

Organizers of “Warm Days” are singer and musician Emin Aghalarov, Russia’s Honoured Artist Grigori Leps, founder of “Russkoye Radio” and “Golden Grammophone” Sergey Kojevnikov.

The Festival will be organized in Baku each year. This year’s programme is planned for two days, while the next year it will run three-four days and the number of artists and performances will increase.