A collection of poems by Leyla Aliyeva is on sale at book stores in Baku

A collection of poems named “Если б звезды ступеньками стали” (If stars became steps into space) by Leyla Aliyeva, the vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, was put up for sale in Baku. 

The foreword to the book where various poems of the author is collected was written by Andrei Dementyev, a laureate of USSR State Prize, Honoured Person of Art of the Russian Federation. 

“I remember one of my trips especially when I met Heydar Aliyev. For two hours, we talk about the Azerbaijani and Russian literature, and I was amazed at his delicate perception of artistic creativity. Apparently, just for this reason, Leyla writes sincerely, brilliantly, and as a talented poetess. The poetess is head-to-head with her readers as her own people, and trusts them with her soul”, – said Andrei Dementyev. 

According to the foreword’s author, Leyla Aliyeva’s moral correctness and frankness is the main superior trait of her poetry. 

Presentation of Leyla Aliyeva’s book “If stars became steps into space” took place on April 24, with participation of the author.