Nat Geo Wild: Significant steps have been made towards protecting the Caucasian leopard

Nat Geo Wild TV Channel has prepared a documentary about the Caucasian leopard. Photographer and director Adrian Stern has conducted shootings in Azerbaijan for this purpose. The objective of the expedition was to film the Caucasian leopard, a very rare beast of prey.

In a 44-minute film made in Azerbaijan, Adrian Stern says he has travelled our country together with a group of experts. The group included a renowned African pathfinder, a Russian scientist, local leopard-man Babakhan etc.

Adrian Stern mentions that this was his first trip to Azerbaijan and that the modern outlook of our capital and its beauty has made a nice impression on him: “I had heard nothing about Azerbaijan. According to sayings, endangered leopards of Europe live in this country. I ‘am hopeful local people would help me to find leopards”, - said Adrian Stern.

In the film, Adrian Stern talks about his meeting with minister of ecology and natural resources Huseyngulu Baghyrov, and as to where the expedition could start. He notes that cameras had been fixed in various locations in the Hirkan Park and that, although difficult, they could obtain some pictures of the Caucasian leopard.

In the film is brought to attention that successive works are being carried out in Azerbaijan towards betterment of the ecological conditions and protection of the environment. The creative crew, which had had a meeting with founder and head of IDEA Public Union Leyla Aliyeva, was given information about the works done to restore the leopards’ population. Leyla Aliyeva brought to attention that a project is underway to restore the leopards’ population, supported by IDEA Public Union and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). “Leopard is a priceless treasure of our country. With the help of IDEA, we can protect leopards, and involve other countries and organizations in their protection. Our primary objective is to rescue these leopards”,- said Leyla Aliyeva.