Leyla Aliyeva pays a visit to the Thalassemia Centre


Leyla Aliyeva pays a visit to the Thalassemia Centre

Leyla Aliyeva pays a visit to the Thalassemia Centre

On June 30, Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva paid a visit to the Thalassemia Centre, met with those being treated here.

At the Thalassemia Centre, Leyla Aliyeva met both the children suffering from thalassemia - a hereditary blood disease, and their parents.

The Centre’s activity is of extreme importance, as the lives of these diseased people depend, first of all, on monthly blood transfusion to them and daily use of medication to remove extra iron from the body. Today, 3 thousand 10 thalassemia patients are in dispensary registration. About a thousand of them receive treatment on “Beta Thalassemia – thalassemia major” – a hard form of thalassemia. 980 people are regularly transfused erythrocytes.

Meeting those being treated at the Centre and their parents, Leyla Aliyeva talked with them, enquiring about the health condition of the children.

Department director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Soltan Mammadov said the Foundation has always approached the Thalassemia Centre with great care and attention.

Director of the Centre Valeh Huseynov thanked Leyla Aliyeva on behalf of the Centre’s staff and those being treated here for the attention shown towards this medical institution.

Leyla Aliyeva presented gifts to children being treated at the Thalassemia Centre.

Leyla Aliyeva has also visited the bone marrow transplantation department of the Centre, enquired about the children being treated here under strict control of physicians. Information was given here about the methods of diagnosis and treatment being practiced here. Leyla Aliyeva said taking necessary steps for the treatment of the diseased will continue, and expressed confidence the children will recover soon.

Necessary medical equipment, computers and a car was presented to the Centre.