“Jara-2017” ended by the recital of Grigori Leps

The fourth and last day of “Jara-2017” International Music Festival was devoted to the creativity of Russia’s Honoured Artist Grigori Leps.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva was among the honorary guests of the music evening.

During the concert, Leyla Aliyeva answered some questions of “Jara”’s hosts Yana Churikova and Maxim Galkin.

The host, having recalled the great works Leyla Aliyeva has done for the promotion of Azerbaijan’s culture around the world, asked her opinion about the significance of this festival.

Leyla Aliyeva said: “This is a very nice festival. There are so much love, kindness and joy here, so many nice artists and guests... It is so rejoicing. Of course, I want to thank all our youth and guests. We have created this environment together. I want to thank everyone. May each of our days be full of such happiness.”

The Host: I think all the qualities that you have mentioned are stemming from you as the architect of idea.

Leyla Aliyeva: From all of us.

The Host:Yes, absolutely true. Thank you.