“Light shining through the window” documentary film is presented in Nizami Cinema Centre


“Light shining through the window” documentary film is presented in Nizami Cinema Centre

“Light shining through the window” documentary film is presented in Nizami Cinema Centre

Presentation of the documentary “Light shining through the window” took place in Nizami Cinema Centre, October 17.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the film’s author of conception and chief producer Leyla Aliyeva participated in the ceremony.

Leyla Aliyeva, scriptwriter and director of the film Oleg Shommer and Vusala Kerimova, one of the characters of the film, appeared on the scene before the presentation of the film, produced with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Baku Media Centre.

Bringing to attention that the film has been worked on for about a year, Oleg Shommer said that this was not just film shootings for them, everyone who has participated in the production of the film have put their hearts and souls in it. Saying that “The idea originated from Leyla Aliyeva’s question “If everyone deems himself a good human, then why there are so much malice around?”, the film director noted that the subject of the film – the Good and the Evil – has been an infinite subject. People have always thought of how the Good could take victory over the Evil in the battle of the two. Mentioning the extreme violence all over the world, Oleg Shommer said this is why they have chosen this subject. He said the characters of the film struggle against the Evil, and in most cases they win. But there is a notion called “the soul’s cancer”, and it is not so easy to win it, as there is no prescription for it. And, in this case, children – the characters of the film – facing the challenges of life, demonstrate courage, optimism, and wisdom before the elderly.

Saying that one of the characters of the film is Vusala Kerimova, who is on the scene, the director noted that the love for life in this girl is an example for all. Oleg Shommer said the funds received from the show of the film will be spent for the treatment of the children who are today watching here the film. The director thanked the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Baku Media Centre.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the film’s author of conception and chief producer Leyla Aliyeva talked about the significance of the film: “I do not want to say that this film is about the Good and the Evil. It is about the Good. Because love, benevolence and trust are the biggest strength. Everyone will accept this film as he wishes. I hope everyone will find those moments that concern him”.

It was emphasized that no one is better or worse than others, in whatever terms it is considered. Leyla Aliyeva said with confidence that everyone has his unique role in life, and whenever we help anybody, we help ourselves. In the same manner, when we hurt somebody, even in our mind, we hurt ourselves. Thanking those who have worked on the film, Leyla Aliyeva invited everyone to watch it.

The film’s plotline has been built on the Good and the Evil. What should be done in order to secure victory of the Good over the Evil in their battle? Characters of the film tried to answer this question. Among them, we see a person who had spent his life in prison for over 20 years and now is trying to start each day by doing good and, whereby, trying to make sure that “devils” can never again dominate him. At the same time, in the film, doctors struggle against the Evil, rescuing children from an oncological disease, and win in many cases.

Although moving with the help of a wheelchair, another character of the film leads a normal life: studies at a higher school, learns ball dances, prepares for Olympic Games, jumps with parachute, overcoming challenges.

An interview of French author and playwright Eric Emmanuel Schmitt - whose works have been translated into 50 languages - about appreciation of life has also been included in the film. Thus, talking about life’s true values, the film delivers the notions of “making life better is in our hands”, everyone can get inoculated against the Evil.

Inhabitants of children homes of Baku and Moscow too attended the presentation ceremony.

Then Leyla Aliyeva met graduates of a centre for family support called “Nash Dom” in Moscow, who came to Baku in the framework of the programme “Child Diplomacy” being implemented by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and inhabitants of children homes of Baku, and had sincere conversation with them, wishing the children every success.

An interesting programme has been prepared for the children coming from Moscow for 8 days they are going to spend in Baku. They will have an opportunity to get to know our country closer and build friendly relations with peers. In the framework of the programme, in June this year, inhabitants of Azerbaijan’s children homes visited the Russian capital.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has always taken care of children deprived of parental care. The programme “Child Diplomacy” is one of the works carried out in this direction. Such measures are aimed at goodwill, which is close to the theme of the film “Light shining through the window, and the slogan “Let us do good”, becoming true. Goodwill can be made bigger as muscle. Although being good is very difficult, this is the only way to live peacefully and honestly in this life. The film aims to promote these ideas.