“Building Innovation Ecosystem” seminar is launched in Baku


“Building Innovation Ecosystem” seminar is launched in Baku

“Building Innovation Ecosystem” seminar is launched in Baku

A seminar called “Building Innovation Ecosystem” was launched in Baku, October 19.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, head of the President Administration’s Youth Policy and Sports Affairs Department, assistant to the First Vice-president Yusuf Mammadaliyev, Education Minister Mikail Jabbarov, Minister of Transport, Communication and High Technologies Ramin Guluzadeh, deputy Minister of Economy Sevinj Hasanova, MPs and representatives of state entities and private sector attended the event.

The objective of holding this seminar is to support state and private entities in developing the action plan to form a joint innovation ecosystem.

Speaking at the event, Education Minister Mikail Jabbarov said cooperation with Berkley California and Stanford universities - leading education institutions of the world, “Global Innovation Catalyst” Company in developing human capital will open new possibilities for our country’s higher schools. Emphasizing the importance of human capital as one of the primary objectives of the Strategic Road Map and “The State Strategy for Developing Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, approved by President Ilham Aliyev, the education minister brought to attention that this event will serve the development of innovations, with prospection strategies.

In his speech, Minister of Transport, Communication and High Technologies Ramin Guluzadeh emphasized that development of information-communication technologies have always been a focus of attention for President Ilham Aliyev, noting that the state has reached a number of achievements towards ensuring multilateral development of the economy, including dynamic development of high technologies.

Deputy Minister of Economy Sevinj Hasanova, in her speech, talked about the ongoing reforms under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev.

After the speeches, a presentation took place by founder and chairperson of Global Innovation Catalyst Kamran Elahia on the theme “From the economy of drilling to innovative economy”.

Then professor of the Berkley California University Gregory LeBlanc conducted a seminar on “Start-up Ecosystem: Bases of the Silicon Valley and the Government’s Role”.

In the course of the seminar, which will continue for three days, the participants will draft a three-year plan on building an innovative economy based on knowledge, on by transforming the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In the framework of the seminar, trainings and workshops on venture financing, entrepreneurship education and culture, as well as panel discussion on venture investors will be organized.

Leyla Aliyeva met with seminar participants in the framework of the event organized by the Education Ministry, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, the Baku Engineering University, and the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies.