Moscow hosts 2nd conference of Azerbaijani youth organization of Russia

The Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia, AYOR, has arranged its 2nd conference in Moscow to sum up last year activities.

In her opening remarks, AYOR chairwoman Leyla Aliyeva called the organization “a success story”.

“What we`ve done, our ideas and goals which we`ve achieved allow us to say that the Azerbaijani youth organization of Russia is a success. AYOR is today the most active Azerbaijani youth organization outside Azerbaijan. The number of our participants has considerably increased in a year, and I believe the same is with our like-minded people.”

“Over a year we`ve organized a large number of events, including meetings and campaigns not only in Moscow and Baku, but also in Saint Petersburg, Tver, Ivanovo, Smolensk, Murmansk and Yekaterinburg.”

“Since the first day of our founding we`ve been doing everything so that our activity covers a wide range of spheres. Among our key priorities are building inter-cultural dialogue, promoting Azerbaijan`s rich cultural and historical legacy, making Azerbaijan`s truths known to the Russian community, as well as developing humanitarian, social, scientific and educational cooperation; and, of course, taking care of our citizens, students and youth living and studying in the Russian Federation.”

Mrs. Aliyeva said: “One of our critical projects has been the international Justice for Khojaly campaign which we`ve implemented jointly with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The project has featured 70 campaigns in different parts of the world. The goal of the campaign is making the truth about the February events of 1992 known to people on all the continents around the world. Khojaly is our pain, and it is very important that the whole world community hears about this tragedy, and the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, in general. And we`ll continue moving forward on this path unless this conflict finds its just solution and Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity is restored.”

Mrs. Aliyeva also touched upon the cultural, humanitarian and social cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia.

“We`ve been arranging days and weeks of the Azerbaijani culture, which featured concerts, photo exhibitions and demonstration of films. And we`ll continue our efforts in order to promote Azerbaijan`s rich culture.”

“Great job has been done in the humanitarian and social spheres as well. This featured helping those in need, in particular, children in orphanages and hospitals. I want to emphasize the “Blood has no Nation” blood donation campaign. It means that youth both in Azerbaijan and Russia have common values. We also initiated an anti- alcohol and -tobacco campaign.”

Mrs. Aliyeva also highlighted the organization`s achievements in the field of sport.

“Since 2009 we`ve been organizing a mini-football tournament in Moscow which involves 16 teams of Azeri students studying in Russian higher educational institutions. This year the number of teams increased to 24, which demonstrates that youth are very interested in sports,” she said.

Polad Bulbuloglu, Azerbaijan`s ambassador in Moscow, praised AYOR`s activities, calling it “a united and solid organization which solves serious problems and covers cultural and humanitarian spheres”.

Azad Rahimov, Azeri minister of youth and sport, highlighted the country`s youth policy. He said he believes AYOR`s conference would boost the development of the Azerbaijani youth and its integration into the Russian society, and also contribute to strengthening the Azerbaijan-Russia relations.

Elnur Aslanov, Head of the department for political analysis and information provision at the Azerbaijani President`s Administration, called AYOR “an integral part of the socio-political life of both Azerbaijan and Russia”.

Igor Melnichenko, an official at the Russian ministry of youth and sport, said the ministry was ready to sign an agreement on cooperation with AYOR.