Another courtyard renovated in the framework of the project “Our Courtyard” is commissioned for residents’ use with Leyla Aliyeva’s participation

Another courtyard, renovated in the framework of the project “Our Courtyard”, being implemented with support from Leyla Aliyeva, the founder and head of IDEA Public Association, and the district executive authorities of Baku city, was commissioned for residents’ use. The renovated courtyard is located at Intigam Nabiyev Street of Lokbatan settlement, Garadagh district, where over four thousand people dwell.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva attended the courtyard’s opening, and participated in the mass tree-planting action.

The primary objective of the project “Our Courtyard” is to model ecologically clean and equipped courtyards, restore greenery, form healthy lifestyle, and create safe and comfortable conditions for dwellers.

Entertainment facilities have been installed and a small ground with a football pitch and sports tools created in the 2-hectar courtyard, renovated with support from the Garadagh Executive Authority, in the framework of the project “Our Courtyard”, in order to make sure that disabled people and those with restricted health condition move easily, and create suitable conditions for the development of children of all age groups. The primary objective of creating such grounds is to secure that the youth lead a healthy life, strengthen their health, spend their free time efficiently, as well as to create a reflex of systematically engaging in sports. A special ground has been laid out in the courtyard to walk pets.

Taking the dwellers’ will into consideration, the facades and entrances of the apartment buildings were repaired. Along with restoring the existing greenery in the courtyard area, some 500 trees and shrubs were planted additionally.

The project “Our Courtyard” was initiated by Leyla Aliyeva. The courtyard commissioned in Lokbatan settlement is the third courtyard renovated in the framework of this project.

It is expected that the said project will be implemented in all districts of Baku. In this connection, information and recommendations with regard to courtyards in need of renovation should be presented to IDEA Public Association.