Leyla Aliyeva: I wish nice evening and sound health to all

The concert of the 2nd day of “Jara-2018” International Music Festival on July 27 too turned into a true music holiday for the audience.

On the second day of the festival, the participants walked the red carpet.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva was among the Festival’s honorary guests.

The moderator of the festival, presenting Leyla Aliyeva, while walking the red carpet, as the muse of the festival, said she was surprised at so much positive emotions she had.

Leyla Aliyeva said: “I feel very happy. I feel more joyful when I am together with you. I suppose you have been doing your job ideally. Yesterday was very beautiful. I am sure, we’re going to see today the same high level. I wish nice evening and sound health to all. Thank you.”

Answering the questions of correspondents after walking the red carpet, Leyla Aliyeva said that she had very rich and nice impressions of the festival. What is most important is that everybody is happy and joyful here. Look, so many guests are there, all of them are charmed with the beauty of Baku city. I want to listen to all performers. It is so satisfying to see all dancing.

People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Emin Aghalarov said jubilees of Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov and Valeriya would be celebrated this evening.

Walking the red carpet, performers shared their impressions of the Baku festival, talking about novelties in their creativity.

Hosted by Azerbaijan for the third time, “Jara” International Music Festival each time surprises the audience with interesting presentations. On the other hand, participants of the festival have repeatedly said that they partook in this music holiday with great interest.

On the second day of “Jara” too, a number of renowned singers performed before the audience.

Applauding the singers who had performed with very interesting music pieces, Leyla Aliyeva said: “Please, now look at the Moon. Today is the longest lunar eclipse. Now Mars will cover Moon’s face. Such an event happens once in 25 million years. Certainly, this is not a coincidence. Welcome to Baku. Thank you.”

Member of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR) Emin Hajiyev said members of the delegation, comprised of a group of government employees of the Russian Federation, representatives of non-government youth organizations and students of higher schools who were on a visit to Azerbaijan at Leyla Aliyeva’s invitation, were also among the audience, watching the concert programme on the second day of “Jara” festival. The concert programme has had a nice impact on the guests. Meeting with Leyla Aliyeva during the break, they presented flowers to her.

With moderators being Anna Churikova and Nikolay Baskov, the second day of the festival ended with fireworks.