Leyla Aliyeva: “The Magazine “BAKU” is the new and original source of astonishing facts”

From now on those born in Baku and their friends, wherever they are, have a magazine named after Baku.

The magazine titled “Baku” narrating on Azerbaijan and its capital city, rich and ancient culture, traditions and today’s accomplishments was presented in Moscow at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The ceremony was attended by First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador, MP, Mehriban Aliyeva and all Moscow elite.

Editor-in-chief and founder of the Magazine, head of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s Office in the Russian Federation Leila Aliyeva told of the conception of the Magazine: “We are creating a new and original source providing astonishing facts, personal interviews and extraordinary stories. All this will be united by short word “Baku””.

Ceremony presented by famous TV journalist of Russia Vladimir Molchanov started with show of film on Azerbaijan.

Then, floor was given to editor-in-chief of the Magazine Leila Aliyeva. She said: “Presentation of the “Baku” magazine is very joyful and exciting event as through this magazine we tried to show the beauty and antiquity of our city. Current Baku reflects economic development, national traditions joined with modernity and rich cultural values. Baku has always been distinguished with tolerance and hospitality. That is native city to reps of the very different nations. Today, by presentation of this magazine we tried to bring a little piece of ancient culture of Azerbaijan to the Russian capital and prepared for you an interesting concert of national music”.

She noted Russia and Azerbaijan have a long history of cooperation and fraternity, saying “I hope that “Baku” magazine will be able to develop even more the cultural dialogue between Azerbaijan and Russia, and also be an interesting source of information in our country and for the Russians”. L.Aliyeva thanked participants of the event, staff of the Magazine and those helping the development of the publication.

First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva offered her congratulations and expressed pleasure of attending the presentation of magazine titled Baku that is native to her. She said “Today I feel double happiness because people native to me have direct connection with this remarkable event. I cordially congratulate Leila Aliyeva and her team for successfully completing the project. There are not issues of second category in publication work, all issues are necessary from work of journalists to selection of material and photo shooting, and design. In short, everything in process plays important role. I think this young team for very short time has managed to create a wonderful and interesting magazine. Probably, as Leila said, they sincerely approached to this job and of course, as result this beautiful and serious magazine has been created”.

 “There are lots of publications looking for long for their readers by forming the audience of reader. But the state of “Baku” magazine is quite different: big audience has waited for long years for its publication and lastly, its dream has come true. I believe that this magazine will create a bridge not only between Baku and Moscow but also with the various regions of Russia. I hope “Baku” will become one of favorite publications not only for Azerbaijanis, but also for those loving Azerbaijan, interested in our country, its culture and history, in a word, for all our friends” M. Aliyeva said.

M. Aliyeva also offered President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s best wishes and read out his message of congratulation. The message says: “I congratulate all employees of the editorial board on publication of first issue of new magazine titled “Baku”. The Magazine is titled in honor of our capital. This is responsibility, because Baku is unique city. People having been to Baku at least once never forget its modern look, beauty of ancient streets, unique view of Baku bay. The Magazine has successfully managed to reflect wonderful atmosphere of Baku. Its pages include facts from our history, brighter incidents of our days. I think, residents of Azerbaijan and reps of our diaspora, tourists have got nice present. I hope the Magazine’s readers will be increasing in both Azerbaijan and outside”.

Azerbaijan is dynamically developing. Lots of articles and publications reflect our successes in different fields. But so far we did not have Russian-language illustrated magazine providing fair information on Azerbaijan. The Magazine will surely remove this gap of information. Besides, it will be include plenty of information on Azeris living in Russia, their achievements and problems. I believe “Baku” magazine will soon be translated into other languages, bring together our countrymen living in different countries. I wish happiness, health and prosperity to all helping development of this publication”.

Azeri Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu, representative of the Russian Government Denis Molchanov congratulated staff of the Magazine.

After the event, First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva responded to the questions of the Russian and Azerbaijani press. She said: “There are strategic relations between Azerbaijan and Russia and heads of both states. It means we cooperate actually in all fields of our action. This is political, economic and cultural cooperation. You know that 2005 was Year of Azerbaijan in Russia and 2006 Year of Russia in Azerbaijan. In frame of this cultural exchange lots of actions, concerts, exhibitions were organized in both Moscow and Baku. Our countries are linked by long term kind neighboring ties and I am very glad that those traditions are continued today”.

In reply to question of reporter of AzerTAg on Russia-Azerbaijan relationship Mrs Aliyeva said “The Magazine will play a great role in developing a cultural dialogue. Today, Azerbaijan is a rapidly developing country, which occupies leading positions in the region and world in terms of economic growth rates. It needs to come to Baku to witness all these processes” said the First Lady.

Mehriban Aliyeva noted “There is a construction boom in Baku including building of bridges and schools and restoration of historical monuments, theaters and museums. All these developments will be reflected in the Magazine. I hope all this will be interesting not for our compatriots living abroad only but also for Russian reader. The concept of publication does not mean only coverage of events in Baku and Moscow, but as well events ongoing in cultural life of Russia an Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani reader will be familiarized with events ongoing outside Azerbaijan. In short, “Baku” magazine has big future”.

Talking of tourism prospects of Azerbaijan Mrs Aliyeva mentioned there are 9 of 11 climate types of the world in our country, which has unique nature. “Baku is one of less capitals in the world located on the shore of the sea. Of course, all this open huge opportunities to develop tourism. Tourism sphere is actively developing in Azerbaijan, hotels are built, tourist bases opened and I think this field has huge future. I believe strong tourism industry will be created in Azerbaijan and this theme also will be reflected in “Baku” magazine” she said.

Mehriban Aliyeva expressed confidence “Baku” magazine will become big event in cultural life of both Russia and Azerbaijan.

Present at the event were famous representatives of the cultural, scientific and political intelligentsia of Russia, business elite and Russian show business, including head of “Crocus International” Araz Agalarov, head of Lukoil Company Vahid Alakbarov, first deputy Moscow mayor Ludmila Shvetsova, representative of the Russian Government Denis Molchanov, honorary president of the National Olympic Committee of Russia Vitaliy Smirnov, Nobel laureate Jores Alferov, reps of the office of Russian President, representatives of Azerbaijani Diaspora and others.

Ensemble “Jigity”, trio “Mugam”, laureate of international contests Elchin Azizov and soloist of Opera and Ballet Theater of Azerbaijan Samir Jafarov performed at the concert following the event.

Photo exhibition “Baku in eyes of Russian and Azeri artists” by Vladislav Loktev and Sanan Alasgarov was displayed in the lobby.

It is noteworthy that Chief Commercial Officer of Crocus International Emin Agalarov made a special contribution to the “Baku” magazine.