“AYOR will be a worthy representative for Azerbaijan in Russia”


“AYOR will be a worthy representative for Azerbaijan in Russia”

“AYOR will be a worthy representative for Azerbaijan in Russia”

The Azerbaijan Youth Organisation in Russia (AYOR) has held its annual forum in Moscow, at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel. The opening ceremony of the forum was attended by the Chair of AYOR, Leyla Aliyeva – Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and founder of the international campaign IDEA – in addition to official representatives from Azerbaijan and Russia.  

AMOR Chair Leyla Aliyeva had an opportunity to view an exhibition titled “Azerbaijan”.

After the opening ceremony was signed, the AYOR Annual Forum was duly opened. The Forum was preceded by the playing of the national anthems of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Russian Federation.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Mr Polad Bulbuloglu - Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the Russian Federation – who remarked on the enormous strides the organisation has taken over the past five years. In his opinion, AYOR organises its affairs in a confident, intelligent and proper manner, with a program that promotes the perception of Azerbaijan’s image in foreign countries, including Russia.

After the Ambassador’s Speech of Welcome there was a showing of a documentary film about AYOR’s work. 

The event’s presenter was popular television personality Andrei Malakhov, who talked warmly about the activities of the organisation, and called on Leyla Aliyeva – who had today been confirmed in the post of the organisation’s Chair - to talk.

 Leyla Aliyeva voiced her gratitude to the forum’s attendees for their participation. “AYOR has now existed for five years, and I can say confidently that we have achieved a great deal in improving the lives of young people. Each year our organisation gains momentum - I hope that today’s conference will be our most ambitious, exciting and significant. As I look around the hall here I see many familiar faces of our young AYOR activists, along with many students who have come here from all over the regions. AYOR now has 70 regional offices, and I would like to thank you for coming from such a long way to take part in the conference. Also in the hall today are a number of students from the fresh intake, whose studies have only just begun. I want to wish you well at the beginning of the academic year, and wish you success in all your efforts and education. I’m certain that AYOR will be a worthy representative of Azerbaijan in Russia, and will play a big role in furthering relations between our countries” said Leyla Aliyeva.

Mrs Aliyeva went on to say that Azerbaijan and Russia share many historic ties – beginning with cultural connections, shared national holidays, traditions and habits, and going on into the sphere of sincere human relations. More than 6000 Azerbaijan citizens are studying in Russia today, she said.

Mr Azad Ragimov – the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport – mentioned in his address that AYOR is today an organisation that can properly and reliably lead young people towards becoming useful to both themselves and to society as a whole. He especially underscored the fact that AYOR is active in more than 70 regional offices throughout Russia. This geographical coverage and broad range of interests enables AYOR to promote engagement in community affairs by thousands of young Azeris in Russia.

Mr Elnur Aslanov – the Head of the Political Analysis and Information Support section of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan spoke about prominent philosophers who have made calls to change the world, bring about innovative ideas whilst not bowing to others, especially when defending their own ideas.

The Director of the Department of Additional Children’s Eduction & Care, and Youth Politics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federations, Mr Alexander Stradze; the head of the “Young Vanguard” youth organisation of ‘United Russia’, Alla Buchkova; and Ruslan Gattarov, member of the Council of the Federation of Federal Assemblies joined in congratulation Leyla Aliyeva on acceding to the post of Chair of AYOR. They gave Leyla Aliyeva’s work with the youth organisation their highest praise, mentioning the work which has been done with Russian youth organisations and the strengthening of humanitarian links between Russia and Azerbaijan.

The President of VAK Mamed Aliyev,  along with Head of the International Youth Organisation ‘The Great Silk Route’ Fuad Muradov, mentioned that the broad scale of AYOR’s activities enabled it to strengthen friendship, trust and mutual understanding between our nations, through the involvement and integration of young Azerbaijan people in society.

A congratulatory letter, from Chairman of the Russian State Duma Mr Sergei Naryshkin, was read to the attendees.

The final event in the program consisted of the ceremonial presentation of awards to first-year students of outstanding merit. Leyla Aliyeva presented the awards of “Finest Representatives of AYOR” to Azerbaijan students who are enrolled in Russian universities.

Once the official program ended, Leyla Aliyeva and the conference attendees enjoyed a concert performed by Russian and Azerbaijani stars.