Azerbaijan first country in Eastern Europe, studying green economy


Azerbaijan first country in Eastern Europe, studying green economy

Azerbaijan first country in Eastern Europe, studying green economy

Baku has hosted the third meeting of the European Council of Environment and Health Ministers, held as part of Green Week, implemented jointly by campaign International Dialogue For Environmental Action (IDEA) and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The meeting was attended by Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder of IDEA Leyla Aliyeva.

Addressing the meeting, she first of all welcomed all the participants of the Green Week in our country.

`In recent years, Azerbaijan has become a place of global forums for discussing issues of international importance. Our efforts in environmental issues reflect our thoughts and position as one of the regional and international leaders in the way of green development.

Within Green Week, the International Youth Forum, round tables on Environmental Diplomacy Course, green economy as well as for the first time outside of the Western European region, the Regional Consultation Meeting have been held in Azerbaijan.

With the joint onganizational support on UNEP and specialists of the country, Azerbaijan has become the first country in Eastern Europe to understake the study of green economy and to complete this work.

My speech reflects a new direction in the transition of our country to green economy. However, this does not mean that the research is completed, the path is passed, but it is another step along the way, Aliyeva said. According to her, this year the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the global efforts for sustainable and equitable development.

Therefore, providing a platform for the development of environmental sustainability, green economy environmental health and environmental education has become a symbolic event for Azerbaijan. By planting trees, which symbolize the fact that people are branches of the same tree, the guests demonstrated great significance of Green Week carried out in Azerbaijan.

Our educational project IDEA - In the name of Geen Azerbaijan is aimed at informing the public about the environmental, increase their theoretical and practical knoweledge in this field. In over 20 cities and different regions of Azerbaijan trainers of the project taught 8 000 pilils how to behave so as not to harm the inveronmental the founder of IDEA noted.

According to Aliyeva, the main goal of humanity should be to ensure the development of living conditions for current and future generations.  

Traveling the country and the world, I saw how young people strive to protect the natural beauty of the planet. So I and my colleagues created an international environmental movement widespread in the South Caucasus, and at the same time campaign IDEA, which is one of the main organizers of the Green Week. 

As part of IDEA events, we created artificial nests for flocks of swifts, thanks to which about 200 nests were replaced during the restoration works carried out on the Maiden Tower. IDEA campaign also identified the big five of the Caucasus. This is bear, eagle, wolf, gazelle and leopard, the continued existence of which should be our main concern, she said.

 We have signed a memorandum with the International Wildlife Fund of Russia, which enabled to include the Caucasian bison to the list of endangered species of IDEA. Our agenda have important issues, and I hope that our discussions will be completed with written policy documents, regulations and treaties. I hope that the Green Week will not be the last. On the contrary, it will be the beginning of a large-scale and global awareness campaign and successful activity.