IDEA, ASAN Service and Clean City start a new joint project

“Let's replace every sheet of paper with a leaf” is the name of a new joint project organised by the social project IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action), ASAN Service and the “Clean City” team.

The project offers State organisations, private companies and individual citizens the chance to hand in used paper – at locations set up by ASAN Service around Baku. The paper will be kept in special containers, and taken away at the company's expense.

Each fifty kilograms of collected paper will go to purchasing a tree. The trees will be planted in the areas of Baku where the used paper was collected.

The idea behind the scheme is to get all sections of society involved in the battle with ecological problems, getting to grips with raising awareness about these problems through genuine social projects – and also putting waste material to practical use, and minimising its negative impact on the environment.

Collections of used paper will start on 3rd February 2014.